How To Get iOS Like Homescreen Search On Android

(Free Appvn)Among the most commonly used mobile operating system, Android is the most used one. It has a lot of customisation options and features which makes it very popular among the massive ecosystem of Apps.

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In Google Play Store, you can find lots of apps and games but even then, people are crazy about iOS.  

For more optimised interface, iOS is better than Android, as the glitches and bugs are very less comparatively. There are certain exclusive features too.

The Home screen search is a useful feature with the help of which you can search for settings and apps from the Homescreen of iOS itself. It's time saving as well as productive.

You can easily get iOS type Homescreen search on Android by using Evie Launcher, which is a popular launcher app.

There is also a working method that will help you to get a Homescreen Search like iOS.

Step 1: Go to Android Phone Download. Install Evie Launcher on your smartphone.

Step 2: install the App. Then launch the App.

Step 3: After launching it, you can see the main interface of the App for Android.

Step 4: Swipe down from the Home screen. Right on the Home Screen open a universal search. Then you can locate the apps very easily.

That is how you can get the iOS type Home screen. Evie launcher is the easiest method of all to get the iOS type home screen in no time, by just simply following the steps.

The Homescreen can at times throw the iPhone users for a loop at times. Apple has a simple folder grid and the users tend to live in the app drawer. Android users, on the other hand, have their home screens mainly on the top of the app drawer. This makes half of the apps completely out of the way.  

You can only see what you want to see. You can download Hola or ilauncher. The quick settings are not there and even the icons are not the same. With the help of Nova Launcher, you can have consistent icons and they should match the Homescreen too. Nova Launcher is customizable and a highly popular third-party home screen launcher.

You can set it as the default home screen and entirely change your home screen experience.

Step 1: Install Nova Launcher or Nova Launcher Prime from Google Play Store. See all the features there and check for the Quick Settings too.

Step 2: Open Nova Launcher and Click on the Home Button.

Step 3: Click on Nova Launcher and Click on it to set it as the default home screen launcher.

Step 4: Then Open the app drawer.

Step 5: Click Open Nova Settings and then go to desktop and open the desktop grid.

Step 6: Expand the grid by changing the number of rows and confirm it by clicking on Done.

Step 7: Go to Desktop Settings and scroll down and click on Add icon to Home Screen.

Step 8: Click on Back Button and go to the Main Menu.

Step 9: Open Dock and Dock buttons and download iOS folder background.

Step 10: Click on Folder and select Grid. Then go to folder background and click custom and it's done.

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