How To Disable Send To Your Devices In Chrome

(Free Appvn) There are times when your Send to your Device' feature in Google Chrome can misfire. This feature is incredibly useful as it helps in sending links or anything related to your other device just in a matter of seconds.

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This feature is very handy especially for those who use multiple devices at a single time.

But this feature is not made for everyone and they may find it disturbing. Hence, this article will help you as to how to disable send to your device' feature in Google chrome.

Disabling Send To Your Device' On Desktop

If you want to disable this feature in Mac OS or windows, sync setting in Open Tab must be switched off. Once done, the send icon will be removed which was present on the icon bar. You will also not be seeing this feature in the context menu.

If you turn off this feature, you will no longer receive any notification or see any active tabs on the connected device. Take a look at the following steps to turn off the Send to Your Device feature.

• Step 1 - The Chrome menu must be opened which is present in the window's upper right corner in the shape of three dots. Then click the settings.

• Step 2- The Sync and the Google services must be clicked which is available in the people section

• Step 3 - Click Manage Sync

• Step 4 - The Open Tabs must be switched off. Your work is now completed and you have successfully switched off the feature.

Disable Send to your Device' on Android

This is just like the Desktop setting where you will have to turn off the Sync Setting in the Open Tabs. Take a look at the steps given below.

• Step 1 - Chrome Menu must be opened which is the three-dotted icon on your screen's upper right corner. Then tap settings. Once the settings open up, tap Sync and Google services.

• Step 2 - Then tap the Manage Sync. Finally, the Open Tab box must be unchecked.

That's it. It's completed just in two steps. You will no longer see the feature Send to your Device' on your Android.

Disable Send to your Device in IOS

When you turn off this feature, you will no longer receive notification or any activity from your other device. Follow the steps below to switch off this feature.

• Step 1 - The three-dotted icon which is the Chrome Menu must be opened. Then, tap the settings.

• Step 2 - Sync and Google services must be tapped, which would be present in the option.

• Step 3 - Manage Sync must be tapped.

• Step 4 - Open Tab must be switched off. You have now

successfully completed disabling Send to your Device.

You will not find any difference if you disable the feature. This is applicable for those who do not use more than one device. But if you want the feature again, then you will only have to activate the Open Tab option which would be available in the Manage Sync.

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